About CIPR

Founded in 1999, CIPR is a private-public partnership dedicated to advancing intellectual property rights protection, enforcement and reform in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, and in other countries of Eurasia. Through public education, legislative action and legal reform, CIPR works with the U.S. and regional governments as well as private sector partners to establish transparent IPR regimes that adhere to international standards.

CIPR’s Corporate Members include some of the world’s most famous trademark, patent and brand owners. Our Associate Members are major international and regional business and professional groups. We enjoy active support from state Patent and Trademark Offices throughout the region and cooperate with the World Intellectual Property Organization, INTERPOL, the World Customs Organization and the International Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition, among others. CIPR is the only NGO formally accredited with the CIS Interstate Council on Industrial Property Protection.

CIPR is governed by the Membership Council, which is comprised of its corporate members. The international law firms of Baker & McKenzie and Fross Zelnick Lehrman & Zissu are CIPR’s legal co-counsels.

CIPR has its administrative headquarters in Washington, D.C. and is incorporated as a 501(C-6) Business League under the laws of the United States. CIPR’s offices are in Moscow, Kyiv, Almaty and Washington, D.C.