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About CIPR

Founded in 1999, CIPR is a private-public partnership dedicated to advancing intellectual property rights protection, enforcement and reform in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, and in other countries of Eurasia. Through public education, legislative action and legal reform, CIPR works with the U.S. and regional governments as well as private sector partners to establish transparent IPR regimes that adhere to international standards.

CIPR’s Corporate Members include some of the world’s most famous trademark, patent and brand owners. Our Associate Members are major international and regional business and professional groups. We enjoy active support from state Patent and Trademark Offices throughout the region and cooperate with the World Intellectual Property Organization, INTERPOL, the World Customs Organization and the International Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition, among others. Read on »


IPR Policy Advocacy: CIPR’s public policy and communications professionals advocate for international standard IPR laws, regulations and enforcement practices in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan, and other countries of the region. We work closely with CIPR corporate members and associate members to communicate unified messages on IPR issues to government policy makers and IP stakeholders in industry, consumer organizations and media. Read on »

Policy Priorities

Protections for Trademark and Geographic Indications:

CIPR seeks legislative reforms in all countries of the region to support the following positions:

a. Procedures to Grant Well-known Trademark Status – CIPR advocates for procedures to review and grant well-known trademark status in conformity with international standards. Read on »

CIPR Members


For more information about CIPR, or for assistance with intellectual property and global marketplace issues, contact:

T. Thomson & Associates, LLC


Web Site



CIPR looks forward to working with IPR stakeholders in industry, government and consumer groups to improve protections for intellectual property in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan, and in other countries of Eurasia. We will use the pages of the CIPR blog to highlight key IPR issues and to engage our readers in a conversation about these critical issues and their role in growing businesses and economies in the region.

We look forward to participating in interesting and robust discussions in the future. Please let us know if we can provide any information on CIPR's programs, activities and about membership.

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